Letters to a Christian God: A Series

Dear Supposed God of Abraham,

I’m writing again, this time to ask you about the nature of your decisions.  I mean, if you do exist, how do you decide what’s good and what’s not?  How do you come to decide what is just, and what is unjust?  Are your decisions about goodness and justice intrinsically correct due to your making them?  If so, how did your prescriptions on the keeping of slaves and the killing of homosexuals (to name just a couple of the things that you apparently know are good and just) become so misconstrued?  If your decisions are good just because you make them, well then it seems as if we humans are dropping the ball every time we tolerate homosexual behavior and don’t at least make an attempt to end that person’s life, as instructed in Leviticus.  If it’s good for you, god, is it not good for the rest of us?  Is that not why you would bother going through any trouble to have those words transcribed in the first?  Pardon my confusion, but the goodness of owning of another human being as property does seem…counterintuitive, at least from my perspective.

So ok then.  Perhaps it’s not good just because you say so.  Perhaps those words you supposedly spoke were mis-transcribed, or mis-translated, or mis-retranslated, or misread and then mis-retold and mis-rewritten.  Well, what then of what’s good and what’s just.  Is it true, maybe, that there is some set of rules that exists on the nature of what is good and just?  And that this objective set of rules is not your word, but exists alongside you, say within the universe, or within life?  Perhaps you simply dictate these rules that exist alongside you, but apart from you?  Well now if this is true, then it would appear to not bode so well for you, because if these rules do exist apart from you, then they can eventually be discovered apart from you, and you are no longer required as dictator, at least once the rules are found out.  So which is it?  Is something good because you say it is?  Or do you say something because it is good?  If it’s not good just because you said it, and it’s also not good apart from you, then why did you say it?  Did you get it wrong?  Assuming that it’s not good to kill homosexuals, and now that humans are figuring these types of moral questions out without your assistance, do you feel as if maybe you are becoming less necessary as a dictator?  Just wondering, god.  And I’m still waiting for that convincing revelation.  — Jason


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