Letters to a Christian God, A Series

Dear Supposed God of Abraham,

I’ve been thinking lately.  Thinking with my brain.  And it seems quite strange to me, this act of thinking, considering.  When my thoughts occur, I don’t feel as if anything particularly vital goes ‘unthought of’, or that any thoughts are purposefully left out.  I often think about you and what you could possibly be, and I think about what it would mean for your existence to be a reality.  As a matter of truth (but I admit that it could be an illusion), I feel as if I have the freedom to think anything that I want to think.  Alas, this would seem to spell disaster for myself and other humans, who’s brains possess enough of this consideration of thought to allow for what we have been referring to as skepticism.  So my questions are these:  Why, god, would you want a relationship with your creation (and make the mutual desire a requirement), and then give your creation a means to consider this relationship, and eventually, to question it?  To question even your existence?  Why, god, while claiming omnibenevolence alongside omniscience as two facets of your character, do you imbue your creation with the means to consider thoughts, and then harshly punish your creation for coming to a given conclusion based on their considerations?  I do believe, god, that good evidence to support your existence, evidence that I would find necessarily convincing, would be a creation that could think of all other things imaginable, but not ever think of denying its one true creator.  Just a thought.  –Jason


2 thoughts on “Letters to a Christian God, A Series

    1. No other gods have gotten back. Of course, If the christian god were real, we would expect that no other gods would be in touch. Some will surely see this as proof that the christian god is real and is the only god.


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