Letters to a Christian God, A Series

Dear Supposed God of Abraham,

In the sincerely regretful absence of any direct and personal message or revelation from you, I’ve been undaunted in actively looking for you.  For evidence and for signs of anything that could only be you.  Alas, this proves to be a challenge of high degree.  I must ask you, God, why have you concealed yourself from me so perfectly and so consistently, so as to make yourself or signs of yourself indistinguishable from the natural world?  Why, when one of your followers explains to me where to look for you and exactly how to look for you, my search and my methods for doing so reveal nothing that is unmistakably, unequivocally you?  Even when these methods are stated, explicitly, by people who claim to see you and know you, and when I replicate their methods, your presence eludes me.  How dumbfounded they must be, your followers, who are so absolutely doubtless of your existence, when I attempt to explain to them my difficulties in separating you from all things that appear to me to have nothing more than natural explanations.  In jest, I do say that perhaps, if you’ve indeed ever made anything at all, you’ve made not man in your own image, but squids and chameleons.  It would seem apparent to me, that your ability to so flawlessly blend into the universe which you yourself are credited for creating is why it would appear, simultaneously, as though you do not desire to have a personal relationship with me at all.  I will continue to search.  However, because I believe that your existence is an extraordinary claim of major importance, I will not lessen my requirements nor lower my expectations for what is convincing to me.  In fact I do increase my requirements, and raise my expectations.  For when it happens that I do experience what other people have only been able to describe to me, but not to share with me, when I experience my personal piece of convincing evidence, my personal transition to belief, I want it to be of such a quality of evidence, the facts of which are so irrefutable and of such monumental worldly impact, the realization of which is so all-encompassing, that when I share it, not a single member of the entirety of the human species will be able to even imagine denying your existence.  You can call that a prayer.  Did you hear it, God?  — Jason


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