About This Blog

The majority of the human population believes in one god or another.  When considering the proposition of the existence of a god, nothing leads me to believe that any are true.  This, and only this, makes me an atheist.  Throughout the past several years I have noticed myself becoming increasingly more interested in the beliefs held by myself and fellow humans.  While I do try to read about belief, and talk to individuals about their beliefs to help me to understand the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of these little phenomenons, I have found no real satisfaction in the outcome thus far.  At times, my thoughts are whirring and sporadic, and at other times they are mired and muddled.  So the time has come for me to acquire a space in which I can organize my thoughts, and vent out some of my frustration.  And maybe in the process this venue may serve to better my writing skills, and may possibly even open up some opportunities for conversations on one very taboo topic: religion.  Most of my posts here will be responses to and reflections on the absurdities of religious dogma, (mostly Christian, being that I am exposed mostly to this particular religion and thus encouraged to better familiarize myself with it), and to promote positive atheism and the notion of committing good acts just for the sake of doing good.  Good without religion.


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